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Based in the USA, Resume Dist offers top-tier RPO services to streamline your recruitment process. Let our experts handle the sourcing, screening, and selection of top talent, so you can focus on growing your business. Elevate your hiring game with Resume Dist.

Why Choose Us

Cost Savings

Reduce recruitment expenses and optimize hiring costs.

Access to Talent

Tap into a wider pool of top-tier candidates, including passive talent.


Flexibility to adapt hiring resources to fluctuating business needs.

Faster Hiring

Streamline the recruitment process for quicker time-to-fill metrics.

Higher-Quality Hires

Ensure candidates align with your organization's culture and values, reducing turnover rates.

Industries We Serve

Healthcare organizations face ongoing challenges in recruiting healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and allied health workers. We can help healthcare providers address staffing shortages, improve time-to-fill metrics, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms often seek specialized talent in research and development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and sales. We can support these organizations in identifying candidates with the necessary scientific expertise and industry knowledge.

We can assist manufacturing companies in finding skilled workers for various roles, from production line workers to engineering and management positions. It can also aid in managing seasonal fluctuations in hiring needs.

Given the rapid pace of technological advancements and the high demand for skilled IT professionals, companies in this sector often rely on us to streamline their recruitment processes and access top tech talent.

The automotive industry relies on a diverse workforce, from engineers designing vehicles to technicians maintaining them. We can streamline recruitment efforts, ensuring that automotive companies have the talent needed to innovate and meet evolving industry demands.

The hospitality and tourism industry relies heavily on frontline staff, including hotel workers, restaurant staff, and event planners. Our services can assist hospitality businesses in sourcing, screening, and onboarding candidates to meet seasonal demands and maintain service quality.

Retailers and consumer goods companies require a diverse range of talent, from store associates to supply chain managers to marketing professionals. We can support these organizations in attracting and retaining talent to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

We can support professional service firms, such as consulting, legal, and accounting firms, in recruiting talent for client-facing roles as well as internal support functions, enabling these firms to deliver high-quality services effectively.

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